The Elder Gods, the Forgotten Ones and the Jungian shadow

Found : The Elder Gods, the Forgotten Ones and the Jungian shadow

The major means of contact between the conscious man and the Elder Gods are the forgotten ones. Now, the forgotten ones dwell in the individual and irrational unconscious. They are the gods of survival, they are pre-rational, they are blind and immensely powerful. Their force manifested in man as hunger, the sex urge, the ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline reaction and the tribal cohesion factor. Hunger constitutes the primary link between the Elder Gods and the forgotten ones…

…[T]o effectively counter a planetary invasion by the Elder Gods the forgotten ones must be summoned to consciousness. In the process the individual’s demons will be released and must be reabsorbed, the forgotten ones must be comprehended and absorbed and the link that exists between them and the Elder Gods must be obtained and controlled by the will of the magician.

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