The people who have really made history are the martyrs.

— Aleister Crowley

The more you mow us down, the more quickly we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.

— Tertullian, Apologeticus

It is well for his peace that the saint goes to his martyrdom. He is spared the sight of the horror of his harvest.

— Oscar Wilde

No human beings more dangerous than those who have suffered for a belief: the great persecutors are recruited from the martyrs not quite beheaded. Far from diminishing the appetite for power, suffering exacerbates it.

— E. M. Cioran

Those who are convinced that they have a monopoly on the Truth always feel that they are only saving the world when they slaughter the heretics.

— Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Address to the Indian Council of World Affairs, 1962

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