How To Deprogram Your Own Mind

Found : How To Deprogram Your Own Mind

Don't condemn yourself. Self-condemnation and self-criticism are part of the brain-washing and indoctrination process, and they are counter-productive when it comes to deprogramming. If you find that you have been programmed to believe some goofy idea, then just recognize that it is an irrational, illogical, goofy idea, and reject it, but do not condemn yourself for having believed it for a while.

It's just like, if, while exploring the Wild West, you find that you have an arrow stuck in your back, pull it out.

* Don't wallow in self-contempt and guilt, condemning yourself for having stupidly gotten an arrow stuck in your back.
* Don't imagine that you are somehow all fucked up for having gotten stuck with an arrow.
* Don't imagine that finding an arrow stuck in your back proves that you are somehow inferior.

Just pull the arrow out and then get on with your life.

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