How to contact your future self via time-travel meditation

Found : How to contact your future self via time-travel meditation

Many years ago I was sitting in deep meditation. My mind was clear and my body was relaxed as it would be during any good meditation session. As I sat there slowly breathing in and out, I heard a voice. The voice proceeded to give me details of a project I needed to work on, but it informed me I had to stop what I was doing presently to finish it. Then it ended the odd internal dialogue with,

“You need to meditate at a future date to tell your past self what I just told you.”

Six months go by and I had finished my project as according to “plan”. I begin my meditation session and start calling out in my mind to my past self. I then relay the same message that was given to me six months prior. I have since utilized this technique many times to contact both my past and future self.

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