Fear of God

The fear of God is not the beginning of wisdom. The fear of God is the death of wisdom.

— Clarence Darrow, Why I Am An Agnostic

Those that worship God merely for Fear
Would worship the Devil too, if he appear.

— Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia

In cell and cloister, in monastery and synagogue:
Some fear hell and others dream of Paradise.
But no man who really knows the secrets of his God
Has planted seeds like this within his heart.

— Omar Khayyam, Seeds Like These

Christian morality (so-called) has all the characters of a reaction.. Its ideal is negative rather than positive; passive rather than active; Innocence rather than Nobleness, Abstinence from Evil, rather than energetic Pursuit of Good… It holds out the hope of heaven and the threat of hell, as the appointed and appropriate motives to a virtuous life: in this falling far below the best of the ancients and doing what lies in it to give to human morality an essentially selfish character… It is essentially the doctrine of passive obedience…

— John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

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