Letters to the Editor

Back in the early days of the web (1996-2005), gnosticism was still an extremely obscure topic, and ours was one of a just a handful of sites openly promoting the gnostic worldview. Accordingly, it provoked a strong reaction from many users; a few of the more interesting of these have been excerpted below.

A poison to society

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / May 20, 1998 /

“You are a SICK perverted individual. A poison to society… I dont set up a website as you did to show the world just how (sic) you are. Nor would anyone in their right mind do so. I think you do it for the attention.” – Oldguyteck

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This is not about ‘cool’ or ‘Alternative Christianity’

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / April 26, 1998 /

"Your "bible" does not have the history and background of the Christian Bible.  The Bible was written over a 1600 year span, over 60 generations, plus it was written by over 40 people from all walks of life.  It was written on three continents from places ranging from forest to jail.  It was written in…

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Mindless, and grows thin fast

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / March 4, 1998 /

"Learn to look beyond the surface, gnostic, or the big bad Demiurge will get you (either that, or you will die from excessive stupidity). Of course, the bible (including your pet apocryphal gospels) has NOTHING beyond the surface, so you are probably out of practice… Anyway, my point is that your gnostic BS is entertaining…

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A ridiculous heap of depraved intellect

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 25, 1998 /

"…I’ve never read such a ridiculous heap of depraved intellect… It seems in your search to fill your insecurity, you’ve decided you take out your anger on the One who can save you – the Lord God. Kinda like biting the hand that would like to feed you… I’m not sure how you can pass…

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Heretic alert!!!!!

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / February 21, 1998 /

"Your crap that you are saying is nothing more than a heresy, a damnable heresy. You deny that Christ is God, and you deny that God is all powerful. Christ says that he and his Father are one, and that in order to come to the Father you must go through him. Here is the…

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A disgrace for all Christians

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / January 29, 1998 /

"This is the most sickening I have ever heard. Your site is a disgrace for all Christians. God is a loving God and he made the Earth cause he was lonely, and not because it is a Jail. God is not a mad Scientist and Christ swithcing Bodies before the crucifixion, you are so sick!…

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You have too much time on your hands

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / January 25, 1998 /

“For some reason I thought I was going to find an intelligent website to learn from. But I was woefully in error. You devoted to all this space, intellect, and energy to convince that you have too much time on your hands.” – Renay A. Mclendon

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Such trash is not fit for people to read

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / January 17, 1998 /

"Such trash is not fit for people to read. Lies, and liars from Hell would be more like it… Sounds like your fake Jesus who ever he maybe needs to read the real words of Jesus as found in the Holy Bible and find out that the Lord Jesus never hid them or lost them,…

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Yer blasphemous attitude

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / December 4, 1997 /

"Yer graphics and yer blasphemous attitude may only be childish and "creative" but one wonders why u need to express yourself in this way. I’m not suprised if christians think gnosticism is from the devil after looking at yer site and I too although I’m sympathetic to gnosticism am beginning to suspect some unwholesome source…

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Fables and fairy tales

By Rev Illuminatus Maximus / September 23, 1997 /

"You really believe this stuff? The prefaces to different sections of your site alone are so full of occult like mystism, one would have to have never investigated any other form of religon in order not to be, at least, suspicious. It goes to show that movement that collects samplings of this and that religon,…

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